T plus 5 – lunch!

It’s gettin’ hot up there!! But we’re doing our best to keep Robin cool 🙂

Sharing stories in the shade!

So far today we’ve had Channel 5 come for an interview – look for Robin on the news tonight “Around Town” at 4 & then maybe again at 6!  The Kennedale Local Newspaper came to take a few pictures.  We’ve had lots of good people stop by to drop off non-perishables.  We even had a very minor mishap involving a large run-away umbrella and a dumped ice-tea (which trickled over the edge of the roof & made those of us below start to wonder… ;o)

Which leads me to the most frequently asked question so far – how is Robin going to the bathroom??  They thought about a port-a-potty but you really need a flat surface for those!  Then they considered a “lady box” but couldn’t solve the privacy issue (like that was the biggest issue with that idea, right?).  So she finally settled on the most diplomatic solution – a “perch-er” someone to perch for the Robin when she needs to come down.  So far, so good!

What else would you like to know??  Send me your questions, good people of the metroplex!!

Total current weight: 3,621.25 – WOW!!

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