T plus 25 hours – Day 2!

Good morning, all you Robin on the Roof fans!!

Aside from the railroad & race car noises, Robin was able to snuggle up in her 3 blankets to get a decent night’s sleep. She awoke this morning at 6am to the beautiful sounds of nature – roosters crowing, cows mooing, birds chirping – so wonderful!!  Robin’s gal-pal, Ana, was sweet enough to sleep on the roof with her and their chivalrous protector, Tim, slept in a chair below them on the ground!!  A special thanks go out to both of them for staying with Robin on the Roof!

Good morning!!

We have a lot going on today so stay tuned!!

Today’s high is 95 (plus the heat index) so join us later to Super-soak the Robin and help us keep her cool!!

Total current weight: 5,602.25

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